Our Mission

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) is one of the most important skills to acquire to make a major contribution and impact to society for the foreseeable future. In our experience, STEM is best learned with experimentation. Miniature home robots provide a cheap and excellent platform to do STEM experimentation. Our goal is to bring you material which helps you learn STEM by doing experiments. These experiments could be using one of the robots we use, or with software that we provide you.

Meet our robots

So far, we have been targeting three main consumer robots. Chronologically, the first is the Anki Cozmo, which debuted in 2016. That is the white robot with blue eyes in the above picture. Then came Anki Vector, which launched in 2018. The Vector robots are the ones with the black bodies. The Petoi Bittle is the last robot in our series, and was launched in 2020. While the Anki robots have rich software, and can be easily programmed with an SDK, the Bittle robot is a quadruped robot, and is very useful to understand the mechanics of a quadruped robot.

If you want to meet our robots, you might find the Christmas Holiday Show performed by our robots entertaining:

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  3. Hire me as a consultant. I have 20 years of experience in the software industry in addition to a PhD in Computer Science. I have worked with many individuals and companies, mainly helping them in topics around data science and machine learning. If you think I can help solve a technical problem or help make a business decision, please consider hiring me as consultant. You can find my LinkedIn profile here.

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We strive to help people learn the latest advances at the intersection of Robotics, Systems, and Artificial Intelligence. We create our content with the help of the following robots: Anki Vector, Anki Cozmo, and Petoi Bittle.


I tinker with robots in my spare time, and have a passion to demonstrate how we can learn with home robots. I have created 'Learn With A Robot' to make learning STEM concepts easy and simple. Subscribe to my newsletter at www.learnwitharobot.com.
I've been fascinated with robotics and AI since I owned my first product from Anki Cozmo. I now own 1 Cozmo and 6 Vectors which is 7 robots in total.